Thrift Store Score: Flowy Skirt

thrift store score


This weekend was CRAZY! Phoenix had a huge rain storm, which is a BIG deal to us desert dwellers. Matt and I were at Target when it hit and shoppers were trapped inside the store for a good 30 minutes, all crowded around the entrance watching the parking lot fill up with water. I was feeling pretty lucky that if I had to be trapped somewhere, it was Target. When the rain lulled a bit, everybody ran out to their cars and had to wade through calf-high water. Calf-high, people. THIS IS THE DESERT!

It was magical.

When we got home, our power was out. This was about 1:30pm Saturday afternoon. We didn’t think much of it, since it usually comes back on in an hour or two and it wasn’t too hot out because of the storm.  So we headed back out to do our usual Goodwill Treasure hunting to pass the time. But then a few hours passed and no power. And a few more. Nothing.

We ended up going to the store and buying lanterns and a cooler. Plus some beer. The essentials for a power outage.

We picked up pizza on the way home and ate by candlelight. Which sounds romantic, but it felt like a swamp in our house by that time. I started reading aloud from a James Patterson novel to entertain us, but after about 30 minutes, Matt’s attention span gave out and we ended up going to the movies. We saw Tusk, which was bizarre, especially since neither of us knew what it was about. We just picked the movie that was starting next so we could get out of the house. If you’ve seen it, you can imagine how thrown off we were. But all in all, it was funny, quirky, a bit dark and really creative, so I was happy. AND THERE WAS AIR CONDITIONING!

Anyway, on Sunday our power didn’t turn on again til after 4pm! It was rough, but it gave us more excuses to hit up more Goodwills. Which brings me to this dreamy Thrift Store Score.


I’m obsessed with this. It’s long and flowy and pleated and just perfect. Plus it’s not see through, which is always my pet peeve with lighter colored, thin materials.

I paired it with an Old Navy tank and a necklace I found at Walmart of all places. Now all I need is a place to wear this…

3 thoughts on “Thrift Store Score: Flowy Skirt

  1. You look so pretty- I love the bohemian vibe of this outfit! And your hair! Boo to the power being out, yay to thrifting 🙂 Oh and I hear ya on the see through pet peeve!

  2. Umm, that entire outfit is AH-MAZING. That’s THE perfect maxi skirt. I can’t believe it was at Goodwill. I guess I’ll need to start looking in the clothing section. Serious Score! Xo

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