Thrift Store Score: Denim Dress


Hi! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was definitely too short, but aren’t they always? My aunt and uncle were in town from Page to meet my brother’s baby, so I spent most of Friday and Saturday night visiting with them. We had a big fish fry on Saturday, which meant great food, corn hole playing, and some scorpion hunting. Although I’ve lived in Phoenix for all of my life, I had never seen a scorpion in the “wild” before. My brother took a black light flashlight outside and they GLOWED so bright. We saw about 9 of them in his backyard-WHICH IS TERRIFYING!

And my friends wonder why I hate going outside at night in the summer? Critters everywhere!

Anyway, Matt and I still found time this weekend to hit up some thrift shops, and of course I found some treasures. Since it was one of Goodwill’s 50% off days, I didn’t have high hopes for finding much. However, I scored some great pieces for practically nothing. This denim dress caught my eye immediately. I don’t wear dresses often, but I’m trying to branch out and what’s easier than throwing on a denim dress? It’s super soft, super comfy and has POLKA DOTS! At $4.99, this was a big thrift store score.

front close upI was also pretty stoked to find this adorable patterned cardigan on the same trip. Mint green and birds? I’ll take it. And you guys-it was a whopping $2.50 thanks to the sale. I mean c’mon!  I’ll be wearing this a lot, especially to work, which is like an ice box most days. I seriously could not believe this wasn’t snatched up by someone else. SCORE.

cardigan detailI’ve paired this lovely outfit with a necklace I scored at a garage sale a while back for fifty cents. Such a sweet little accessory:)

necklaceOh! Don’t worry-I even found shoes! I never find shoes at thrift stores, so this was a rare treat. They looked brand new, have STRIPES, which is second only to Polka Dots, and are so comfortable. And BAM-$4. DONE.

shoesTeddy was pretty excited for my finds too!



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