Orange Crush

orange is the happiest color-Frank Sinatra
“Orange is the Happiest Color.”-Frank Sinatra


Talk about an Orange Crush! My favorite color is Orange. Which is weird cause I really, really HATE anything orange flavored. Like really hate.

I don’t trust people who love orange Starbursts. They just clearly make bad life decisions.

But when it comes to design & aesthetics, orange is my jam. And although you won’t find me drinking orange juice, I do collect vintage OJ glasses. They’re just so cute on a shelf! That’s what’s important.

So in honor of my love affair with all things orange, here are some of my favorite Pins of all time that feature the color of HAPPINESS:


Orange Crush: My Favorite Pins Featuring the Color of Happiness

1. Julep  |  2. Tassel Necklace  |  3. Apricot Whiskey Smash with Bulleit Bourbon  | 4. Kitchen from A Lovely Lark  |  5. Desktop Wallpaper  |  6. Skirt Love  |  7. End of Summer Grapefruit Popsicles

What about you? What color just makes you SMILE?


2 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. Well it’s really hard to decide what color makes me smile but if I have to choose just one TURQUOISE! But orange is good too 🙂 I want that kitchen! Oh and you’re lettering is so good, good, good!

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