Nursery Inspiration: Baby Boy

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

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Let’s call him Owen

Tom-Sawyer-BookSo, I bought this vintage Tom Sawyer book from 1954 at a thrift store because it was so dang adorable! And it totally made me have this whole daydream about my little boy and what he will be like.

Nope. Not a mom.

Not pregnant.

Just a 30 year old with some pretty severe baby fever.

Anyway, of course, I had to picture his nursery. I saw it all right away. Lots of rich colors like mustard yellow and deep indigo, tons of texture and pattern, mixed with graphic black & white and, of course, some dino details, cacti and LOTS of books.

Color Scheme for a Boy's Nursery

I decided my pretend baby that lives in this pretend nursery is named Owen. After the author of Night Knight, one of my all-time favorite children’s books (#13 on the list). This just feels like an Owen’s room.

Now all of this has me wondering what if Owen’s a girl?!

Better get started on her nursery-stay tuned!

Do you have baby fever too?

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