Life’s Little Luxuries: At-Home Coffee Bar

coffee bar

Oh heeeeyyyyy guys:)

Hope you love coffee as much as I do. If not, you should probably keep browsing for blogs more your speed because Design Squeeze is fully caffeinated at ALL TIMES!

Or you could simply switch it up and create a nice lil tea bar for yourself. If you don’t like tea either then I SERIOUSLY CANNOT HELP YOU!

Now, on to the good stuff. Coffee is one of those things that I cherish dearly in my life. It doesn’t matter what kind or where it’s from. As long as it’s strong and hot, I will down a few cups no problem. I prefer to drink my coffee black in the morning. I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth, so all of those sugary creamers can go away. Plus, I’m pretty sure they are only one molecule away from being plastic. With that said, I don’t mind a splash of almond milk once in a while but probably not til my second cup. Something about black coffee first thing in the morning…

I also love a good latte in the colder months, especially as an afternoon pick-me-up.

But as much as I loved coffee, you probably couldn’t tell a few month ago judging from our set up in the kitchen. The coffee maker was pushed in a corner, on the other side of the kitchen from the mugs and the actual coffee was on yet another wall, in the pantry. Making coffee entailed canvassing the entire kitchen, with your eyes still half-closed from sleep. It was a PROCESS.

Then, one day I was browsing Pinterest, as I so often do, and I came across an at-home coffee bar. My mind was blown. I couldn’t believe that I had never considered creating a special place for my beloved beverage. We definitely had room in our dining room, which is just off the kitchen. Since we moved in, we had this awful shelving system in place that we used as storage for a hodgepodge of items that could easily go elsewhere.


See what I mean? It was an eyesore. So I set out one weekend to find the perfect piece to turn into my very own Caffeination Station. I hit up every Goodwill in the Valley, scoped out Craigslist, stopped by a few estate sales and…NOTHING! Then I went again the next weekend. And the next.

I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to find a piece to redo myself and had almost given in to going with this LIATORP Sideboard from IKEA, which was a whopping $350. I was bummed because I really wanted something gray with mid-century bones, for under $150 total, including supplies if I were to re-finish it myself. And the only thing the IKEA piece had going for itself was the color.

But then, in a twist of fate, Matt and I took an alternate route home one evening and passed by this lovely little antique shop, Lizabel’s Treasures, right in our neighborhood! It was jammed packed with the coolest stuff on earth. Furniture, jewelry, art, accessories, etc. Antique Heaven.

And then I saw it. A mid century sideboard, being refinished right in store in GRAY! The guy was still painting it when I approached him and asked how much. $129 and I don’t even have to do any work! It was perfect. Plus the guy ended up giving us a 15% discount because we bought another piece the same trip.

Since it was still being painted, I had to wait 2 days to pick it up, which gave me ample time to get things in order!

I bought this metal shelf from IKEA, and headed to Hobby Lobby to get the rest of my supplies.


The yellow spray paint was left-over from my Chalkboard DIY. I bought cardboard letters that spell out coffee, three sheets of patterned scrapbook paper, and good ole Modge Podge, with foam brushes. I started by painting the letters. I alternated each letter with orange and yellow spray paint. So three letters were yellow, as seen below.

painted letters

When they dried, I paired each letter with alternating paper, so each pattern would show up twice, nicely dispersed.


Then, I traced the letters on the back-side of its corresponding paper. Make sure YOU PUT THE LETTER BACKWARDS TO TRACE!! See below:

trace it

Then I cut out each letter from paper and Modge-Podged it to the painted letter. This way, the letters are patterned from the front, but have painted edges.

coffee letters

I simply stuck them to the wall, when I was ready with Simply Tacky. It works wonders on things you want to hang that don’t weigh a lot. And it’s easy to rearrange until you get the kerning just right. Graphic designer problems, yaknowwhatimsayin.

Since I bought the open shelf from IKEA, I knew I had to gather a selection of my most favorite mugs, which was HARD! I have quite the collection of mugs that I have bought from all of my travels, as well as a good number of #goodwilltreasures, which I tend to document on my Instagram. I’ll probably do a post in the future just on all of my mugs.

But here are my two most favorites ever. Both from Goodwill, the left one makes me happy because I love lemons and oranges in design (if you couldn’t tell from my blog name) and the one on the right is my Zooey Mug, named after my sweet lil girl that I miss so much. I just love it.

coffee mugs #goodwilltreasures

Anyway, since I still had time to kill before I could pick up my sideboard, I decided to make a print to hang over my coffee bar. There’s a Turkish Proverb that goes a lil something like this:

Coffee should be black as hell,

strong as death & sweet as love

So I took my favorite part of the quote and made this nifty print.

black as hell

Eventually, I’d love to do a triptych of all 3 sayings, but it’s a good start.

I had bought these amazing hexaon mirrors from IKEA a while back and never knew exactly where to put them. So I dug them out of storage and haphazardly placed them in the corner, so they sort of wrapped from one wall to the other. Considering I just threw them up with no real plan, I’d say I’m rather happy with the result.

mirrorsI bought a great Turquoise tray from Hobby Lobby, got out my Keurig K-Cup holder, Ikea black and white placemat, an old air-tight container I had on hand, and a great picture frame my bestie gave me years ago. I don’t know who this woman is, but she makes me so happy!

frameThen it was time to pick up my sideboard!

What a BEAUT! Love the lines and the original brass hardware.

sideboard love

And that’s it…finally! I strongly encourage you all to create a space in your home for things you hold dear. For me, there’s nothing better than waking up each morning, knowing I have a cute little coffee bar in my own home. Feels like a continental breakfast everyday! Enjoy:)

DIY Coffee Station

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