Colorful Bohemian Wedding in the Desert

Mismatched Bridesmaid dresses done right for a bohemian wedding

OMG you guys!

My best friend JUST got married in a beautiful bohemian wedding. Gosh it was like only yesterday. I mean, March 19th is pretty much April, which really just flew into May and then did June even happen this year? And July barely started, so I’m right on track to post about her wedding. I’m surprised it didn’t take me longer, actually.

I’m like such a good friend.

But let’s stop gushing about me. This post is all about Ali’s BOHO BASH of a wedding. It was obviously the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. Not just because she’s my bestie. The girl has great taste.

She also has great connections. Amongst her talented group of gal pals is a graphic designer & calligrapher extraordinaire (ME! Haha I come first because this is MY blog), an insanely talented interior designer PLUS another soon-to-be-interior-designer, an aspiring wedding planner & cake boss, AND one of the bridesmaids hooked us all up with a professional stylist!

It was on point. Have a peek:

succulent wedding bouquet and gold ring

Wedding invitation suite designed by Design Squeeze

toms as wedding shoes
Such a great choice of wedding shoes! Comfy and cute!
bohemian bridesmaids in floral robes and flower crowns
Wearing a flower crown was my FAVORITE part. Felt like such a boho babe!
boho groom look with pops of yellow
Look at this handsome devil! The gray and yellow combo is fresh and fun!
bohemian wedding program
The wedding programs designed by yours truly were simple with just a hint of the boho vibe.

bridesmaids getting ready in flower crowns

wedding dress and dreamcatchers


watercolor brush calligraphy envelope addressing by Design Squeeze
watercolor brush calligraphy envelope addressing by ME!
bohemian wedding dreamcatchers
We asked everyone who came to the shower to bring a dreamcatcher, so she could fill the ceremony backdrop with colorful boho details.
Wedding invitation suite designed by Design Squeeze
I had so much fun designing the invitation suite! So much color and texture !! Dream Client!
bridesmaids in different dresses bohemian
Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are the BEST! No twinning here-we all got to rock our individual style!


groom in bohemian outfit and succulent

dreamcatchers for boho wedding ceremony

turquoise necklace on wedding day
Love her choice of jewelry SO MUCH!

groomsmen in pops of yellow



hands shot at boho wedding

bohemian bridesmaids in flower crowns and mismatched dresses

desert wedding with cactus arizona wedding

wedding ceremony at the Phoenix Zoo

boho bridesmaids in different dresses and flower crowns

succulent wedding cake

baby style for wedding

detail of succulent bouquet

boho dreamcatcher and jewelry for wedding

succulent wedding cake and boho baby

moccasins for boho baby
boho baby? um yaaaaaas!

bohemian bridesmaid dress and accessories


wedding at the phoenix zoo has beautiful scenery


The wedding took place at the Phoenix Zoo, which was such a fun venue. The reception area overlooked the giant giraffe exhibit, so the view was incredible, we could pretend we were all on safari and it felt super VIP to be drinking at the zoo after hours.

Now whenever I return to the giraffes, I get flashbacks of drunken dancing with some of the best people I know. That’s what everyone should leave a wedding with. Forget favors. I want memories!

Just kidding. Her favors were actually really awesome. And I love presents. I don’t have a picture of them but she chose mexican tiles with beautiful patterns and we tied hand painted place cards to each.

The decor was primarily DIY-which was awesome. We went thrifting starting the year before and found all kinds of gem colored glasses & vases and vintage books with beautiful covers. There was lots of lace detail as well and baby’s breath-which is one of my all-time favorite flowers.

It really was such a beautiful, bohemian wedding. It all just came together perfectly.

Ok now I’m back in full wedding fever mode…eeeeek!

Vendor Info:

Photographer: Katie Rounds of Round Lens Photography -All photos were taken by Round Lens with the exception of the invitations.

Stylist: Risa Kostis of Ristyle Consulting – seriously the sweetest person you will ever meet. Call her.

Invitations/Paper goods/Calligraphy: Design Squeeze

Wedding Planner/Cake Boss: Brittney Robertson @brittneymarie910

Wedding Video: Katy Caringer

With tons of help from Katie StoellerJenna Baksa, Marlo White, Lauren Chalk and Maddie Thomas

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