Hello Chicago

I recently traveled to Chicago with my best friend & this city has my heart! It’s the perfect mix of big city hustle-n-bustle and small town charm. We rented an Airbnb in Forest Park-which was a 25 minute train ride from the city. Not only was our place awesome, but the whole town of Forest Park was great! It’s full of little diners, antique shops and cafes to peruse when we weren’t taking on the city.

I’m warning you now theres a ton of pictures-but please enjoy & if you get the chance-GO TO CHICAGO!!


The Bean cause duh we’re tourists
playing BINGO at Scratch Kitchen in Forest Park-our favorite little hangout.
Architectural River Cruise-probably my favorite part of the trip! Although it was absolutely FREEZING! AZ girl here.
Millennium Park
OMG The Slurping Turtle had the best Ramen in the universe! I crave it everyday!
twilight copy
View from the Signature Room-we waited in line for an hour but scored the BEST seats!

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